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    Prakashkc sketchbook

    Hey CA! I've finally gathered the courage to start a SB thread here. I don't believe in New Year resolutions but I believe in goals. And this year my goal is to take drawing and painting more serious. I've decided that I want to reach a level where I can work with it. I know I have a long hard road to go. Maybe I'm too late. I don't know. What I do know is that if I don't ever try, I will never know!

    Please help me get better by giving me critique and pointers!

    Much love // Prakash

    Not too long ago I started "Project 1001" which is drawing / painting a self portrait everyday until you reach 1001 self portraits. The project is inspired by Andrew Jones 1000 self portraits. So here's some of them. They can all be seen over at
    Name:  119.jpg
Views: 256
Size:  138.1 KB
    Name:  132.jpg
Views: 237
Size:  53.1 KB
    Name:  128.jpg
Views: 228
Size:  57.5 KB
    Name:  108.jpg
Views: 219
Size:  147.1 KB
    Name:  115-alt.jpg
Views: 225
Size:  142.2 KB

    Name:  beard_guy.jpg
Views: 227
Size:  86.6 KBName:  hands.png
Views: 219
Size:  508.9 KBName:  faces_01.jpg
Views: 218
Size:  80.2 KBName:  faces_02.jpg
Views: 242
Size:  57.7 KBName:  anatomy_01.jpg
Views: 215
Size:  35.2 KBName:  anatomy_02.jpg
Views: 214
Size:  38.8 KBName:  anatomy_03.jpg
Views: 217
Size:  49.7 KBName:  anatomy_04.jpg
Views: 220
Size:  53.6 KBName:  hands.jpg
Views: 316
Size:  66.9 KBName:  robot_and_bird_gf.jpg
Views: 221
Size:  117.8 KBName:  four_faces.jpg
Views: 218
Size:  140.2 KB

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