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    Vilppu Academy - Online?

    Hey all,

    I just happen to notice that Glen Vilppu offers a basic drawing online class called "Drawing Essentials" for $600. It already started but I was wondering if anyone is currently taking this course? If so, what are your thoughts. Probably would be better to hear a review after the course is finished.

    Right now moneys tight but I'm planning on enrolling next time is becomes available. I've seen his videos for anatomy. The way he explains and draws impresses the hell of of me.

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    I'm taking the class, right now I'm on the 2nd week moving onto the next this Monday.

    You watch a pre-recorded video made for the class on Monday with homework that's due on Saturday. You can ask questions under the lesson and Vilppu replies the next day.

    Wednesday there's a group video chat where he answers all the questions again so he can draw things out and when questions are done he does a live demo. (Followed by more questions if there's time) The chats are recorded and posted the day after so you don't have to be in the chat to get your question answered in detail.

    The following Monday a review of everyone's work is posted and the next lesson starts. You also get emails with pdfs with drawings by Vilppu for the classes.

    Skill levels go from people just starting out to people who have finished art school so the review video is a fun watch.

    Over all it's a great class and gives you what you need to start. I plan on finishing the 6 week, study the material for 4 weeks on my own, then do it again when it starts up again to see if I am still lacking anywhere. (if work pans out) So we may end up classmates in a while.

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    I've attended 2x of Vilppu's classes. Each class lasting for an entire week. It is all worth it! That man can draw, and he can teach drawing faster than anyone else. I've gained so much experiences taking his classes, and my understanding of shapes and volume is a lot better than previously, before the classes.

    It is definitely worth it - also he is getting old, so you better do it while you can!
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    Can someone tell me how much time I usually need everyday for the class?
    Is it strongly recommended to to the Drawing Essentials Class before you do the figure class?

    I hope someone can help me.

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    Anyone know when the next classes start (essentials)?

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    Vilppu Academy nest session and time required weekly.

    Quote Originally Posted by lapoune View Post
    Anyone know when the next classes start (essentials)?
    The next session of classes begins Sept. 11, 2017 The website is not updated yet. If you add your name to the email update list you will receive a note when enrollment opens.

    The weekly time required is 1-2 hours for viewing lessons the first time (you may view them as many times as you like for the duration of the session.)
    You should spend a few hours on the assignment each week. The more time you can spend drawing the faster you will progress. Glenn asks that you do as many drawings as you have time for, without worrying that each has to be perfect. That way you work more freely and will actually be most successful. Then submit the 3 you think worked best. There is a live video chat (currently 10-12 am LA time Thursdays) where you can ask any question about art, not just the lesson. These are recorded for those who cannot attend in person. You may submit your questions before the chat so that they will be answered even if you cannot participate in person.

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