Sketchbook: Here we go - my little sketchbook
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Thread: Here we go - my little sketchbook

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    Here we go - my little sketchbook

    Hello together,
    in this place I want to show you my sketches, to track my progress. I am 30 years old an until last summer i never really created a piece of art after finishing school.
    At first the idea of create oil paintings ran into my had. I quickly realized that i sucked.

    I stumbled upon someone's comment, stating: a person that is good in drawing, is often also a good painter.
    So i gave it a try.

    I just kept the most of the sketches, and although they are embarrassing I will show them here. I would greatly appreciate criticism and suggestions, particularly in how I learn more effectively.

    Here is the first batch, created around last august.
    Name:  P1226965.jpg
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    Name:  P1226966.jpg
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    Name:  P1226967.jpg
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    Name:  P1226969.jpg
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    Name:  P1226970.jpg
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