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Thread: Scott's Sketchbook.

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    Scott's Sketchbook.

    Hello All,
    I'm getting back into drawing after a very long break and I'm looking to improve my style and how I present my ideas.
    I am 36 but I've been drawing since I was very young. I took a break of about 10 years to pursue other interests and did basically no drawings at all.

    I've been working on some ideas here and there, but I get frustrated because I know I need to make a lot of improvements but I have a hard time finding ways to compare it to other works as what I do is very stylized. I used to be fairly good at anatomy but I tend to ignore basic human form and twist things up a bit.

    Where I feel like I can improve:
    - Color. I have no clue how to add color to my work in the style that it is now.
    - Backgrounds. I've never been good at creating a background for my figures. I think the absence of them really shows my low skill level.
    - Planning ahead. As it stands, I almost never plan what is going to come out of my pen ahead of time. I put it on the paper and just go until something starts to take shape. I want to be more disciplined and focused on bringing an idea to life.

    Please give me some critiques/comments/suggestions. I really want to improve.
    Thanks much!

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