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Thread: Han's sketchbook

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    Han's sketchbook

    Hello! Been lurking around here long enough...

    I'm Hannah, I'm 25 and from the UK. I've been working as a junior artist in the games industry for a couple of years now, and prior to that I did a degree in games design, and studied art through school.

    I've been having a crisis of confidence in my personal work lately, and have a tendency to hide stuff away. I think this is holding me back and I really want to improve, so I'm going to just bite the bullet and get it out there. Any comments and critiques are most welcome!

    Here are some recent things:

    Life drawing - ink and Copic markers
    Name:  pen_ink.jpg
Views: 227
Size:  319.2 KB

    A couple of studies
    Name:  jl.png
Views: 195
Size:  761.6 KB Name:  lady_portrait.png
Views: 191
Size:  378.6 KB

    A flying squirrel...
    Name:  momonga.png
Views: 194
Size:  599.3 KB

    Messy 30 min sketch
    Name:  argh.png
Views: 187
Size:  525.1 KB

    Life drawing with Inkling
    Name:  inkling.png
Views: 188
Size:  197.3 KB Name:  inkling_2.png
Views: 189
Size:  342.3 KB

    A beastie
    Name:  beastie_2.png
Views: 179
Size:  136.3 KB

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