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Thread: Lite-Black's Sketchbook of moderate doom.

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    Lite-Black's Sketchbook of moderate doom.

    Hello, UK based Illustration student interested in developing skills relating to conceptual artwork.

    I would like to stress that I have no idea what I am doing, so don't be surprised at the lack of coherency and quality to my work.

    I'm not entirely sure what to post, I'v had some major creative block, a classmate from uni suggested coming here and putting work up, so I'll put up some old examples of work that's not so terrible, and then images from recent attempts to break out of my slump.

    Name:  blog ld small.jpg
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    Above is an example of work based from life drawing last year, I don't know where I was going with it but I don't think it's finished

    Name:  drawn-waiting giantsmall.jpg
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    Name:  paint-frozensmall.jpg
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    Above are examples of drawing/painting from photographs taken this month, things are a little broken up and vague, but the images seem to work.

    Name:  battlegroundsmaller.jpg
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    Above is an images that show a digital technique I use quite a lot, using tools in photoshopas if cutting things from paper, then blurring and shading to give some sense of atmosphere and depth.

    Now the fun/surrealism begins, I have been stuck not wanting to draw because as soon as i take out a blank peice of paper I feel any doodle is terrible, and stop. I got round this by using some peices of paper I had already filled with rough shapes I was going to turn into maps, like the one below, but instead filled with doodles and faces and lots of strange things. I dont know what methods you use to break creative blocks and tackle the fear of the blank page, it would be interesting to find out.

    Please see below one example map that is the usual outcome of drawing blotches on paper, and several examples of outcomes when you treat said blotches as starting points for drawings, characters and strange things.

    Name:  Dracport Islands small.jpg
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    Name:  IMG.jpg
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    Name:  IMG.jpg
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    Name:  IMG.jpg
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    Name:  IMG.jpg
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    I stopped when it got a bit too surreal for me, not shown, (because of bad quality), are doodles of a potato realizing it is a potato, and a flower relishing in the fact it now has arms, I'm not entirely sure where weird things like that come from.

    Name:  IMG.jpg
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    Above is an image of concept sketching after a session of blotch doodling, I felt less scared to tackle a blank page and managed to get a figure out which diddn't look too out of proportion (although it's spine is a little stretched out).

    Name:  concept sketchmob small 1.jpg
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    Above is an image showing my process when trying to create concepts on the computer, drawing into a dark colour with a lighter one, making blotches and doodles spending not much time on them until something interesting comes from it, I never have any plans in mind and I find it difficult to sustain or get consistent results. Are there any workshops or exercises you could suggest that would help me develop better prototyping techniques?

    I would also appreciate any advice regarding motivation and focus, as I often find myself too frustrated or distracted to complete work that would benefit from more attention.

    I have no idea if I have formatted this post properly, included enough images for an introductory sketchbook thread or if I have typed in a way that is at all readable, but I have to go back in to Uni now, so I'll leave editing till later and hopefully you will survive this awkward post.
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    Our course was visited by a Neuroscientist who directed a workshop, giving us information on some of the properties of nerve cells, so that we could respond with visual metaphors. I produced some rough work using 'electric squid' as a visual metaphor for the nerves.

    Name:  rough squid concept small.jpg
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    Name:  pencil squid concep smallt.jpg
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    Name:  comic concept rough small.jpg
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    Name:  electric squid rough small.jpg
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    Name:  refined electric squid creepy design.jpg
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    Name:  Orange fknight comparison.png
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    Refined a doodle into a 'digital cut-out' realised afterwards I should have first worked on correcting mistakes in proportion, and planned some lighting rather than 'random glints'. Still pleased with the result.
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