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Thread: Landscape Painting

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    Landscape Painting

    I've recently started Digital Painting. Hoping for some constructive criticism. Thanks.
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    Looks good. Maybe move the structure castle thing to the other side of the canvas? Seems the whole right side is kind of wasted. Perhaps show a path leading from the figure on the left to the right side of the canvas as to lead the eye from one side to the other. Also, you could sample from your brightest area of your painting and brush over the middle ground and background with a soft brush to push the distance a bit more make it looks a little more epic. Maybe even have that icy mountain in the back supply that lake in the mid ground and have waterfalls falling into it around the structure to help lead the eye somehow? Anyway looks really good so far.
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    Your rear tonal values are too similar.
    Squint at this and the background all becomes one.

    Create points of interest to lead the eye to your primary focus.
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    I agree with both previous comments. If you want to keep the castle on the left, I'd suggest you crop the picture drastically so that it's more of a vertical canvas.
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    Right now your mid and background are blending in.You should work the mid ground between the man and the castle some more so it you get more depth in there. The foreground could use some more detailing too.
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