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    thanoss Guest

    Anyone used the Barnestone teaching method?

    Hi, Was just woundering has anyone ever come across Myron barnestones teaching method?

    I just came across it on youtube, and it looks very interesting how he teaches about golden ratio in everything.
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    Not saying it may or not be usefull, but you might want to read the last few posts on James Gurneys blog

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    thanoss Guest
    Hey thanks for that. Those articles were really interesting.

    Maybe I shouldn't have specifically said golden ratio, but just his general teaching methods. The below videos maybe show of his teaching methods, and theories.

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    I have his drawing course. Its alot to take in on one sitting. he explains things fast and moves on quickly. I think he does a good job with teaching composition. Overall some of his theories and examples seem quite forced to be honest. he does spend alot of time attempting to prove his mathematical theories. Some of the measuring is so dense that its almost like using a complicated grid to draw. Im all for measuring for sure but it just seems like its taken a little to far and stiff. I intend to go over it again several times and maybe try his method myself and see what i can use or throw away. Im still undecided if it was worth the money. I much prefer the teaching methods of Glenn Vilppu, Ron Lemen, Peter Han ect.

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    I have the course as well and have found it fascinating, as much for the art history as the teaching. It's also nice to hear his honest critique of student work, he is definitely not from the Everybody Gets A Prize school of teaching.
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    When I learned about his design drawing course I felt like it was one of those fundamental pieces of information that was missing that held everything else together. At least, for providing unity and balance in a piece. I found it much more useful to couple his subdivision system as a way of measuring proportion, finding landmarks, and translating them onto a perspective grid. I also found a method to create the root 2, 3 and 4 rectangles purely by using diagonal lines instead of just transferring the length of the hypotenuse, which is why it helps me measure proportion.

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    Usually the Barnestone Studio dvd set is 350 usd. If anyone is interested in picking one up someone has a listing on ebay for around 100 usd for the set. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

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