C.O.W. #285. Denizen of the Upper Sky - WIPs Thread
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Thread: C.O.W. #285. Denizen of the Upper Sky - WIPs Thread

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    C.O.W. #285. Denizen of the Upper Sky - WIPs Thread

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    For more info and details about the rules go here:


    ROUND #285 Denizen of the Upper Sky


    ROUND#285: Denizen of the Upper Sky

    On a distant, polluted and highly industrialized planet there are no clouds. The sky has been blotted out long ago by a miasma of toxic fumes. Most life sticks to the safer lower reaches of the sky but there is a savage population of mutated and cannibalistic creatures who reside within the toxic atmosphere. These creatures are often highly variant in appearance, no two looking exactly alike but they seem to share the same myriad of teeth, spines tentacles and wings. Food is scarce in the upper reaches and the creatures often resort to cannibalism. Predator eats predator and there is no clear food chain in the upper reaches of the sky. Even so, rarely do they venture into the lower sky, as the breathable air for most creatures is an unbreathable vacuum for them and only the tempting prospect of an easy meal will see a denizen leave the miasma. Your task this week, is to design one of these mutated denizens.

    Round requirements:

    - The creature must be depicted in flight

    - The creature must reside within a toxic atmosphere and should be depicted within it

    - The creature should appear severely mutated, tentacles are encouraged

    - The creature should appear predatory


    January 23rd, 7:00pm PST (GMT -8 )

    Finals go here: http://conceptart.org/forums/showthr...Reaches-Finals

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