Hi guys n' gals,

So I decided to post my art. A year ago I was close to death, and a few months ago something other happen that made me appreciate life in another way. So after reading the (I assume) now famous thread where "Algenpfleger learns to draw", I decided to pick up drawing and painting in a more serious way since 29th of August 2012.

Since that I've been drawing almost daily, and now a few months later I draw something like 12-15 hours a week, trying to match it with my job. I work with video games, but not in the art department haha!

Now I'm sharing this stuff with you because I feel rather lonely, floating around in my own orbit. I would really like some crit and just fellow artists to hang out with

To start with: some old stuff so you know where I stand. Then I'm gonna show you the short version of my progress (not gonna show you all since there is like a TON of images and I'l too lazy to post it all lol & it would probably be very boring to look at...

Old stuff from 2009 (when I first tried my hand on digital drawing), 2011 & 2012
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