Spartan Camp #251 - 50 gestures + Optional "Shoulder Anatomy Study"
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Thread: Spartan Camp #251 - 50 gestures + Optional "Shoulder Anatomy Study"

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    Spartan Camp #251 - 50 gestures + Optional "Shoulder Anatomy Study"

    Spartan Camp #251 - 50 gestures + Optional "Shoulder Anatomy Study"

    The aim is to produce 50 gestures by Sunday the 20nd of January.

    - The gestures can be of anything, human, animal, cavorting capybaras.... You can draw full figures, but you can also go for heads, arms, eyes, or anything specific. All media can be used, both digital or traditional. Coloured or black/white. Quick scribbles or long studies. Imagination or referenced. Clothed or nude. Specifics are up to you!

    - In addition to this, participants can choose to do an Optional "Shoulder Anatomy Study", in any medium.
    Additional notes on this weeks’ Optional Study:

    We have not had a proper anatomy exercise lately. Let's make it a tough one this time; the shoulder area. Time for some heavy lifting!

    The exercise
    How does one perform a shoulder anatomy study? In advance, try to look up some information on shoulder musculature and find some reference images. You then study the shoulder by drawing it, trying to understand it as you go.
    The shoulder area controls movement between the upper arm and the torso. You might want to find out where some of the biggest muscles sit (You could add names for some of them) and figure out their basic function first. The shoulder area is complicated, especially due to numerous muscles interacting with the shoulder blade (scapula) and collarbone (clavicle). You can start off simple though. Take it as far as you want. Your main goal will be to try and learn something new about the shoulder area!

    For reference, you can use some of the resources below. A simple internet search will yield plenty of images. You could also use a gesture drawing tool and limit yourself to only drawing some of the shoulders. Just some thoughts!


    Link: You can get "Figure drawing for all it's worth" by Loomis here. Great resource on figure drawing and anatomy in general. This is a 'must have' regardless of the Spartan Camp. Covers the shoulder as well, naturally.
    Link : Wikipedia is kind of in-depth, but its not so bad to do some exploring here.
    Link: Images, names
    Link: Arm and shoulder area by Leonardo da Vinci!
    Link: Several shoulder study images
    Link: One of a series of videos showing shoulder movement. Interesting if you're looking for images of the shoulder in many positions. Alternatively, you could use your own body and a mirror.

    As always- reference advised, not obligatory. Colour, medium, time frame, any specifics are up to you! Good luck and have fun! And feel free to ask questions!

    50 poses is a challenge, but don't hurry or stress yourself reaching it! Focus on drawing, as practising is the main goal of this exercise.

    Criticizing each other is highly encouraged!! Share constructive criticism, reference images and resources!! Let's help each other get better!

    Come on soldiers! Flex those muscles!!


    e-nat - Looking good! I like the specialized leg studies. I find the ankle area particularly tough, I'd say you're doing pretty good there. Also, I think CA is safe. Perhaps it's the waves of spammers that sometimes flood the place?

    Staal Sander

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