Durban, South Africa - DOOO IIITT!
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Thread: Durban, South Africa - DOOO IIITT!

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    Durban, South Africa - DOOO IIITT!

    Conceptart sketch group for sketchy sketch folks in Durban.
    Sign up, you lazy bastards!

    Lets meet up for regular/semi-regular drawing sessions in and around Durbs - you know you need the practice, and you need material to fill those empty sketchbook threads!

    Here's how it works:
    1 - I'll send you an invite by mail, or you will stumble across this thread.
    2 - sign up on this website if you haven't already done so.
    3 - pledge your allegiance here in this thread.
    4 - subscribe to this thread (under thread tools) so that you can get email notifications of updates.
    5 - we talk and arrange activities here.
    6 - we draw
    7 - we get better!

    List of awesome people in Durban who have at least done steps 1-6 above:
    - Deon
    - Candz-Sim
    - thepuddleboy
    - dustinner
    - Sparkle_Bunny

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