Heya guys,

I'm posting up an ink drawing I've been working my ass off for yonkeys, on and off for months.
I'm going to finish it within the next two days, and I realised I'd really benefit from any feedback and constructive crits people on here might have.
The medium is a 0.05mm micron ink pen, on a small 14x10cm paper surface. It's all done with stipling, and I don't want to use anything other than dots, no lines or masses.

Its almost finished, so I don't have much room for changes - but you never know what helpful suggestions might pop up.

I'm particularly concerned about the white areas of the galaxy, I want it all to be bright and make use of patches of bare white, particularly around the center of the galaxy. I envision the rings getting darker as they go out, with the ones close to the centre really brimming with light, though I'm not quite sure thats working right now. I think I shouldn't have added so much texture to the front ring, closest to the viewer, and so things are a bit out of balance now, and I'm contemplating if/how to darken out the rest to compensate.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions

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