Hi, first time poster here at concept art, and I come with a project of mine hoping for some feedback.

OK so here's the project. it's a personal project for university, and what has been is how re-imaging a character from a tale affect it's design for games. then re-imagining a character of my choosing. I chose Aladdin for my re-interpretation. I sort of followed the design pipeline of the artists in the book the skillfull huntsman, to the point where I wrote a re-imagined story of Aladdin, except shorter and not as good (not a great writer). here are some costume choices I came up with. if it would help with feedback I can post the story. it is however about 1400 words in length, not long for a story but a lot of text for a forum page which is why I'm hesitant to post it. anyway look at the images below and tell me what you think.