So I found these forums years ago, but was too shameful/shy of my art to jump on the forums. So, I spent a few years honing my skills and now I'm ready for all of your hard working eyeballs to take me that next step further! *bites lip and clenches chair in giddiness*

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So, definitely still in the works. I have yet to touch anything behind the wolf, and some touching up on everything in front of it. I'm planning on putting in some 'furry' snow laden pine trees and bushes in the background so the forest doesn't look so dead, plus some other bits of saplings and dead trees as well. Otherwise, everything 'looks' right so far.

Water is a new subject to draw for me, with no direct light source I'm a tad confused how to do the lighting on the water without accidentally turning it into ice/plastic/complex.

Should I keep the colors mono-toned? Composition? Anatomy? Anything else, all of it; I'll consider appreciatively.

Using some references; mostly my backyard but currently waiting on another snowstorm before I can take new pictures.