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    Ipen2 if you ever wanted a cintq but lacked the money please back this kickstarter

    Hello fellas, I like many other always wanted to be able to draw on my screen,
    alas a cintiq cost a lot of money, this company is trying to create away to draw
    on any screen and on an ipad with 1024 levels of pressure, I know there's
    at least two styli on the market that say they can do this the Hexjaja and
    the Jot touch however this two do not have the accuracy, and tip design
    of this pen, this pen look like a wacom pen, no strange disk on the tip
    to work, it works with a different signal form a receiver that you plug on
    the ipad.
    But that is not all
    You can mount two disks on the screen of a mac monitor and it allows you to
    draw on the screen with 1024 pressure levels enabled, meaning you can
    use your no touch enabled screen as a cintiq.

    Go check it out, I'm no affiliated to them other than the fact I'm a backer,
    I just felt the need to spread the word, this a revolutionary technology that
    deserves to be produced.

    Thanks for your time

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    Caveat: such things with position sensors on one side of the surface have been attempted before, even by Wacom. They tend to have awful precision which gets worse with increasing distance from the sensors, so the bottom part of the screen would be barely usable. So before you back it, I'd suggest to find out how they propose to solve this precision loss problem.

    Also, google up "gorilla arm syndrome".

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    Arenhaus, from what I gathered, they have a sensor in all four corners.

    I am not sure what to think about the iMac version, feasibility wise, but the iPad version looks promising.
    But then gain, the iPad has other alternatives out there, and it all comes down to pricing.

    This isn't something I'll lose sleep over, but I am intrigued.
    My SketchBook

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    Back the Yiynova instead. A great cintiq alternative, a quarter the price.

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    I have to be honest and say this kickstarter isn't really that interesting for several reasons.

    It's only for the newer iPads.
    It's more equipment added to something that's supposed to be portable.
    We already seen how "accurate" adding sensors are when drawing - look only to the Similarly priced Wacom Inkling.
    The added cost and screen size almost make it as much as the smaller cintiqs.

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