Cintiq Killer coming from Lenovo
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    Cintiq Killer coming from Lenovo

    Lenovo is preping a new product that could be a pretty serious game changer.

    This LT1423p is a 13.3 inch/IPS display tablet with uses Wacoms Penabled Technology.

    It can be connected to your computer via USB or they have a Wireless model that has a battery pack that can last anywhere from 5-10 hours.

    Now since this is from Lenovo and aimed at the Bussiness won't have the extra bells and whisles Wacom throws in.

    Pressure will be 256 levels
    No Tilt or Rotation Control
    No super sensative tip sensor
    And no express keys

    It would be like using a Tablet PC....only being powered by your desktop or whatever computer you connect it in Program perfromance with the likes of Z-Brush and Photoshop....should work much faster and smoother then on any Tablet PC.

    But the real game changer is the price.

    $350 for the Wired Model.....$450 for the Wireless

    Yeah its using decade old tablet PC tech (which is still more then suitable for art creation).....but at that price....this is an impulse buy. I just recently purchased a Cintiq 21ux....and even I might still get this.

    Wacom hasn't unveiled their new 12 or 13 inch Cintiq refresh yet...although I'm gonna have to guess it will be quite simmilar to Lenovos....but with all those afromentioned bells and whisles tacked on. I doubt Wacom will go anywhere near lenovo's price....they'll probablly still keep it at $1000.

    But if anyone wants to try On-screen digitial drawing/painting without plunking down a grand or more....this looks to be a very serious alternative.

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