Hello! I'm Snow. I just turned eighteen, I'm homeschooled, and I've been completely selftaught so far. I'll be taking a course or two of beginner art at the local community college this semester to (hopefully) get the basics out of the way for any art college that I'll (hopefully) be attending. That said, I'd like to get some feedback on my work in general, which is largely an attempt towards illustration and sequential art. The past year was mostly spent getting a handle on composition and color, so I'd really like to get some practice in on my anatomy these next few months. I've been coasting by on the basics, and definitely need to bone up!

I'm doing this mostly so I can see my own work over the course of time, to figure out what needs work, but please--feel free to tear me a new one! I could certainly use the critique. c:

Here are a few of my recent pieces, so y'all can see what skill range I'm in:

Name:  Carnivore Candygram (digital).png
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Size:  537.6 KBName:  roadside rodeo (digital painting).png
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As you can see, I have a propensity for candy colors and cartoony figures, which can work against me. I have a few recent works that aren't like that, but I don't want to cram a ton of stuff into a simple intro post, haha.

Aaaand some sketchy animal studies that I slapped color on:

Name:  Lions 2--Electric Boogaloo (pencil, digital color).png
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Size:  565.0 KBName:  Facets (from life--pencil, digital color).png
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Sadly, I don't have many decent figure sketches, which is something I'd like to remedy over the next few weeks.