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    I'd be the meanest person on Earth if I didn't share this...

    ...But since I'm not, I give you the holy grail of concept art sites. If you haven't seen this, you're in for a treat.

    None other than the Patrick Tatopoulos who gave us the creatures from ID4, Pitch Black, Stargate, Godzilla and Underworld.
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    I always was a bit sad that no matter what Sci Fi movie it was I seen in the theater it always had a same generic look as the last and the next and so on. Not too say the design was bad, just very typical compaired to it's cousins.

    Now I see that the same design studio worked on most of those film.

    Ugg and they are the reason behind the I, Robot design... That thing almost had me not wanting to see the movie.

    I can't wait to see a Sci Fi film with a more fresh look. I am very bored with the current generic/typical look of allll these recent Sci Fi films.


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    Uhmm, Star Wars has mark forever the Sci Fi genre

    There's still a lot of good generic... maybe not in sci fi, but in thriller(the eye, seven, ...) so it's not a lost case

    About the design studio, uhmm, I still prefer our local genius(android, foster, dan milligan, hawprey...). Maybe because I dislike Underworld and some other? :beam:

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