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    Graduate: Ray Greaves's Portfolio

    My name is Raymond Greaves. I recently graduated as an Illustration student but I haven't been involved in any professional jobs yet so I figure I could still be considered a student. I know I'd like to make my work more marketable for fantasy and scifi games and books, as well as having a decent supply of portrait work to fit both illustrative and fine art projects I may do. I work mainly in traditional mediums but I'm always willing to attempt digital if required, so any advice would be helpful. Here are a few samples as well as a link to my current portfolio website....

    Name:  Cosmic Journey 72dpi.jpg
Views: 431
Size:  428.6 KB
    Name:  Precipice Updated.jpg
Views: 407
Size:  472.7 KB
    Name:  Boulder Gargoyle 72dpi.jpg
Views: 415
Size:  206.1 KB
    Name:  Apollyon 72dpi.jpg
Views: 418
Size:  432.9 KB
    Name:  Vanity smaller 72dpi.jpg
Views: 408
Size:  149.8 KB
    Name:  The Experiment.jpg
Views: 420
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    Name:  Gauntlet 72dpi.jpg
Views: 406
Size:  156.9 KB
    Name:  Enraged 72dpi.jpg
Views: 416
Size:  347.0 KB
    Name:  Earth Elemental adjusted 72dpi.jpg
Views: 406
Size:  420.0 KB
    Name:  Curious Appraisal 72dpi.jpg
Views: 401
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    Name:  Aberration of Order 72dpi.jpg
Views: 423
Size:  353.1 KB

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