Here is my work in progress of Alice from the Lewis Carroll book: Alice in Wonderland.

I am first going to sculpt her digitally and then print her on my 3D printer. Then cast each piece in wax and clean up the figure, add super details, and attach each part for casting of a kit-ready sculpture.

I am planning on using 1/12 scale but the final size will depend upon what the public would like in a kit. I am all for bigger and more detailed the better but a lot of people like things around 100mm at the most. We shall see!

At this time I have put in a total of about 6 hours and after reworking the anatomy tonight I will have a generic female base mesh finished. Next will be re-proportioning her for a 18-19 year old body and doing the face.

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Base done in 3DS Max

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rough sculpt

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Progress as of now
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