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Thread: kozmodus - 12.21.2012

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    kozmodus - 12.21.2012

    Aloha fellow CA'ers,

    I have been a ghost, but I just finished up a fairly long personal conceptual project that involves the end of the world. Back in 2010 a friend asked me just how exactly I thought the world would end in 2012. I never believed in the apocalypse prophecy itself, but it produced some interesting design questions. Everybody has been focused about the world ending, but there seemed to be little focus on "how" it would end (minus the whole Nibiru thing). That question bounced around in my head for a good while before I got to work. Once solving some technical hurdles back in March this idea eventually transformed into 50 images inspired by just how the world could end today.

    I'll post some of the behind the scenes images up over the holiday, but you can see the entire series below. Best viewed in a dark environment.

    Click to see images.

    All of the pieces were created at 5K resolution. I essentially pulled from my VFX experience to create single frame effects shots. High resolution image capture, spherical HDR imaging, some matte painting, and some weird experimental 3D modeling. Due to the high resolution and complex geometry some of the render times lasted a couple weeks for a single image, then the comp and paint work happened.

    Hope you enjoy them. See you in the UK in May

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