Well, first of all, hello everyone, this is my first post.

I know i'm very young to start working on these complex forms of art, but i just want to get involved into any form of art, art is just my passion! but there's something that blocks me. In the following video, a girl gives a tutorial on how to do concept art.


I've been following the steps until i figured out she's using one of those pens to draw from a screen to a computer, and as you can see she activates one 'Pressure' checkbox so the color gets darker depending on the pressure she's putting on her pen, and how am i supposed to do that without a pen and one of those screens?. So i'm asking one of these 2:

1.- How to make a effect like the one with the Pressure checkbox without having to use a pen and one of those screens.
2.- Another way/guide/tutorial to concept art, always with GIMP (Photoshop is too messy for me)

I would also be interested in knowing how much do those equipments cost (preferently in euros), i tried searching on google but i don't even know it's name and describing it gives me nothing...