Sketchbook: Tommy Charls' Sketchbook
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Thread: Tommy Charls' Sketchbook

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    Tommy Charls' Sketchbook

    Hey all. I'm a 3D artist, and kind of new to this painting stuff. Consequently, I'm sure that both of these need work.

    These are some a few photo-studies I completed a few days. The sources for both are National Geographic documentaries. HD film makes a great subject! Thank goodness for the pause button.

    The first is pretty self-explanatory . The second is Tidikawa.

    Tidikawa is a Bedimini spirit medium in Papua New Guinea. He presided over what is believed to be the last ritualized acts of human cannibalism.

    The Bedimini did not engage in cannibalism for the sake of consuming meat, nor did they hunt humans for sport. Instead, their ritualized acts of cannibalism centered around acts of revenge against rival villages or as a means of dispatching "witches" or "medicine men."

    I hope the quality isn't too low. I had to save it twice to get the file size down.

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