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  • Orm Irian

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  • ded

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    C.O.W. #283. Storm Dragon - VOTING!

    Round #283 - Voting!

    Topic: Storm Dragon

    Deadline for Voting: January 10th, 2012

    Requirements this week:

    - The creature must be recognizable as being a dragon

    - The creature must have the ability to harness the power of storms while they are in progress, but be dormant and/or powerless at other times

    - The creature should be illustrated in the middle of a storm

    *Note: Just a reminder that voting for oneself is not allowed. Any self-votes will be detracted from your score, no questions asked.
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    Artist: Deathnite
    Concept: Arashi

    This dragon's true power awakens when strong winds occur, the dragon will open its mouth and vacuums all of the strong winds through his body.
    Once Arashi has enough wind stored up in his body, he releases everything at once and creates tornado's by twisting his 2 tails around the released air.

    Name:  Dragon-283-Deathnite-small3.jpg
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    Artist: scorge
    Concept: Sandstorm Dragon
    Mischievous, and quite large, the Sandstorm dragons roam the deserts of the world, looking to stir up trouble and perhaps grab a meal in all the confusion and dust. It's super tough exterior and elongated wingspan allow these dragons to fly through sandstorms with ease, their small eyes and iron jaw capable of closing and withstanding the blast of natures fury, while special glands under their ear flaps enable them to collect and spit sand at supersonic rates.
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    Artist: Orm Irian
    Concept: Storm Dragon

    The dragon harvests electricity through its tail. It can use this saved energy to attack other creatures or just for the fun of doing so. The dragon has no arms/legs, so usually it lives in the air (preferably in a storm) or in the water.

    Name:  cow_283_Storm-Dragon_by_OrmIrian.jpg
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    Artist: SixDollarSongs
    Concept: Storm Dragon

    This dragon has neither the strength to hunt nor fly until the air becomes heavily ionized. At this point, it can suspend itself. Since it often precedes the visible thunderstorm, it is considered a sign of bad omen to many. Soldiers, however, consider it to be a sign of luck in battle. They call it "Indra's Wyrm".

    Name:  indras-wyrm.jpg
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    Artist: Seth-D-Forbes
    Concept: Storm Dragon
    During thunderstorms these dragons fly into the skies to charge themselves with energy from lighting that they then use to ignite a gas they produce inside of themselves allowing them to go burn down the countryside.Name:  Dragon_Painting_v2.jpg
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    Artist: ded

    Concept: Sandwich fox dragon
    one upon a time there was a great wizard who liked to eat sandwich. one day while eating sandwich, he realized that the breads are gone stale. too stingy to throw it away, he changed it into a creature, the first storm dragon. unfortunately his design is quite lame, so the dragon, instead of causing storm, is depend on storm. no storm, no life. because the dragons has no organs (creatures made from baconless sandwich), they have certain urge to stuff animals between their two loaves of skins instead of eating them. that's explain why some animals like cows or fishes or frogs fall from the sky during or after storm.
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    Artist: Thalion

    Concept: Perfuris

    It is said that this creature collects energy from storms.
    Perfuris is living inside huge storm clouds, it can not be seen from the ground, so there is many legends about it's appearance.
    It has many names in ancient times, most popular was "Storm Bringer".

    Name:  cow283.png
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    Artist: Benedikt

    Concept: Storm Dragon

    Contrary to popular belief, Storm Dragons neither bring storms, nor are they malevolent creatures. Intelligent and living in seclusion, these beasts are rarely ever spotted. Despite their reputation and in contrast to most of their fire-breathing bethren, they are completely harmless and gentle creatures. The only energy they need to sustain their life is harnessed from storms, a feat they accomplish by absorbing the energy set free in lightning with their huge horns. The absence of teeth or claws is a clear indication for their harmless nature.
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    Artist : JonathanSevigny
    Concept : Storm Dragon
    Stormbringers are misnamed by the local population for they only get out of their caves when storms occurs. Their height varies between four and five meters and their lenght between ten and twelve meters. Living in a very rough and dry land, Stormbringers only get out once a year for their mating period, lasting one month. They use their horns to canalise lightnings and turn them into energy, making their scales glows. The more they glow, the more females are attracted. If two dragons wants the same female, they can use stored energy to throw strong lightning bolts and breath to their foes. Because mother nature is unpredictable, it happens that storms occurs in the dry season, waking the Stormbringers. Stories says that entire village and cities has been destroyed during these unexpected storms.

    Name:  dragoncowfinal2 copie copie.jpg
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    Artist: defecticon001
    Concept: Stellasaur

    These dragons collect and form balls of energy during electric storms brought on by volcanic ash clouds. They then drop it on nearby villages in an attempt to eradicate humans, who pose a serious threat to their kind during the thousands of years between eruptions when they are without powers.

    Name:  storm dragon1.jpg
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    Artist: Tchuk

    Concept: Storm Wyrm
    The storm dragons are worshiped throughout various provinces, but whilst some cultures spin tales of their benevolence and intellect, others regard them as ill omens, bringing storms more dangerous than at any other time.

    Keeping aloft through the use of air sacs and feeding directly off the lightning filtered through their bodies these beasts can be seen and heard from miles away, but during their time of rest are heard to float peacefully upon the ocean waves.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 12.23.08-2.jpg
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    Artist: Warburton

    Concept: Kalsimar the storm dragon
    Lock your doors, hide your children, a storms coming and it's not gonna be pretty.

    Name:  cow283.jpg
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    Artist: Hexokinase

    Concept: Baltiq - Thunderbolt Dragon
    The Baltiq are a rare species of dragon that are seldom sighted. Juveniles thrive in the deep sea, feeding on smaller aquatic life. As they mature, the Baltiq's trademark 4 wings fully develop. At this stage, the Baltiq are terrestrial hunters residing on remote islands. Without the hindlegs common in their dragon ancestors, the Baltiq are undulating surface crawlers throughout most of their days - save the coming of gale force winds. At this point the Baltiq become much more mobile, and aggressive as well. With supporting winds, the Baltiq's wings are capable of transporting its massive body through the skies. The Baltiq's bones are able to conduct and store atmospheric static electricity, which is then manifests as the ability to charge and throw wicked thunderbolts.

    Name:  CHOW_283_Hexokinase.jpg
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    Poll is up! No cuts this week.

    Hard time deciding between scorge and ded. In the end I went for ded, I really like the split-in-two design, really original concept, with nice execution.
    Check out creature designs and make some of your own:
    Creature of the Week; Creature Spot

    View Simon Sweetman's art etc. at:
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