Hello CA.org,

the purpose of this thread is to share what i have learnt since i began training to become a concept designer. Before i get to that, i'd like to talk a bit about my background.

Six months ago i realized that i could make a career in the video game industry with art. Having always been a creative person with an extremely active imagination, I thought to myself "This is totally for me!" I've always enjoyed drawing, but there was a problem; i had no experience with art beyond childhood doodling and cartooning. So i starting researching where to start.

I spent countless hours, reading forums, watching youtube videos, and even invested money into some art classes in my neighborhood. I learnt many things throughout my journey thus far, but one thing i have just only recently understood is 'why'. Why do we do what we do?

All over the place, people speak of fundamentals as the core building blocks of art and design: perspective, anatomy, lighting, form, line, color theory etc.. Everyone expresses the need for these, and any one person can understand the importance of fundamentals. It just makes sense, you have to crawl before you can walk. But something was missing, it still didnt make sense. I bought the book, I read the book, I did some of the excersises from the book, why didnt the book make me better??

I missed the point, the big WHY. The great purpose behind all of the studying i have done, the things people dont talk about. "WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO GAIN FROM DOING THE WORK"

So here it is; the list is small, but as i learn i will post.


Perspective Drawing(free-hand):

If you are truly new to drawing, start here.

I say this because the very first thing you should learn to do well is line work, penmanship and overall confidence. Practicing perspective drawing, will train your mind and body to draw not only straight and confident lines, but beautiful curves and forms that make sense. All while Learning to convey depth within a 3D space.

This is how one would kill two birds with one stone, or dropping a boulder on a chicken coup.


Like i said, im still learning so if you have anything to add on any subject matter please do so. i will continue posting as i grow.

Hope this helps