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    Sorceress in Cave

    When I had the idea for this painting it came to me in the form of an abstract thumbnail sketch. It was a one inch square somewhere in my sketchbook that didn't represent anything at all. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to paint all those cave formations, though. Crazy!!

    PS7 + Painter 8

    Hope you like!

    c&c please

    Sorceress in Cave

    And some details:
    Sorceress in Cave

    Sorceress in Cave

    Sorceress in Cave


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    i don´t like the lighting very much in the front, expecially on the sorceress herself. the background is a bit boring, it looks like copy + paste for me (don´t really think it is, but that´s the feeling i get when looking at it)

    i think it´s better than any that i can draw, but after seeing the things the other have postet here i don´t like it so much.

    another thing: it doesn´t have a real point to fix the eyes...
    There is a day when all departs
    I´m coming out of age,
    all your chains and all your wards
    someday will be unmade.

    Be prepared of me these days
    as all of you shall be
    when all my false and rodent faiths
    break ´way just as do we.


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    The backround is cool but repetitive. I love the lava detail, though. Add some stronger lightining and you're set.

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    beautiful rendering, and attention to detail. I think this picture could be way more powerful with better composition. For starters, I think you could lose alot of the top, cropping the picture about an inch above her head. Or possibly, keep the top, and chop off the right side of the image at the middle of the center column, making the peice more vertical. Either way, there's definately too much unfocused space above and to the right of the character.

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