how do I know if my monitor colors are correct?
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Thread: how do I know if my monitor colors are correct?

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    Unhappy how do I know if my monitor colors are correct?

    I'm new to using dual monitors, and both monitors to my computer are by different companies. one is a dell 19inch, and the other is a 24 in VIZIO television. They seem to run fine, but after just watching a youtube video tutorial on one screen and copying the lesson on the other, I noticed that the images they had in the tutorial had what appeared to be much darker/ richer colors than I was getting through doing the same exact thing.
    My colors seemed washed out in comparison.

    I took the image that I was creating, and I pulled it up on my other monitor (the one running the youtube video) and the colors seemed the same on both screens. so it was the youtube video that was running at another color setting, from what I'm assuming. This surprised me since it is the company that made the program I am learning (blender)'s website I had the video running at HD settings.
    I've run the windows 8 color correction/ calibration program on both monitors so they should be correct, so what is it that I'm seeing?

    Are the colors in the video different because of the way the video has been exported?
    is there something I should change with my color settings?
    How does one know what the "real colors" are that are being created, so you know what you have created on your monitors will be seen the same on other computers.

    Or does any of this matter so long as both of my monitors are lining up?
    I'd hate to learn bad color habits due to bad calibrations/ settings, and then have to completely relearn because of bad habits. I'm new to digital, so everything I get used to now, may be hard to break later on. It's almost how you don't want to learn to play guitar with all of your strings untuned.

    Anyway, any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

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    Monitors have only a certain gamut of colors each one can produce. Not all monitors can display the same colors regardless if you calibrate them. Software calibration helps, but hardware calibration, like getting a Spyder will help more.

    Each monitor has their own color profile and may not be able to display the whole gamut depending on which profile you're using. It can also depend on what profile the image editing program is using. Ex. Photoshop could be using one color space, and you can be viewing an image in a different one.

    Photoshop CS - Set to Adobe 1998
    Firefox Browser just uses the system - sRGB (for example),1/lang,en/ -- a tool to let you see what colors your monitor can display.

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