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This is a picture of one of my first ventures into paper sculpting, I like how it turned out, the way the room looks and the shelves filled with books and other items give the room character. also the desk and all its little things, like the lamp,the potted plant, and the mug full of pencils.

Name:  humming_bird_book_sculpture_by_jolt_the_dragon-d4wnii8.jpg
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This one is one is of a cluster of flowering vine having a brief visit from a hummingbird. The leaves and how they seem to naturally curve was initally a challenge, but one i made a few dozen I got them down. overall, one of my favorites

Name:  orchaestra_book_by_jolt_the_dragon-d4t9tjr.jpg
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This is an orchestra, I tried to make the seating and instrument layout exactly like that of a real-life orchestra, but unfortunately I did not have enough space. The grand piano was interesting to make, the inside of it has thread laid out just like the strings of a real grand piano. This one was the last paper sculpture I have done so far, but I plan on making more in the future, I just took a break and used different materials for sculpting.