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    Wynniemaru's sketchbook ~

    Emma Rose Paterson

    My name's Emma and I'm from Wales in the UK.
    I got told I was good at drawing when I was little so I kept it up.

    I got serious at 17 (I think), 4 years ago, and bought my Intuos 3. For some reason I thought my half decent pencil drawings meant I was ready to become a fully blown technicolour digital artist...
    I was misinformed.
    Since then I've been learning from the internet. I did some art in school but it didn't teach me anything much.

    It's been difficult; my attitude has required fixing, my personality some adjusting; but I've learned a hell of a lot and I'm eager to soak up more. Recently I've realized I'm not going to scrape by any further without some serious studying. I want to work on my fundamental skills, STOCK UP MY VISUAL LIBRARY and make stronger images so I can show my parents all these years at the computer have been worthwhile!

    I love this forum and I think it will help enormously. I'm happy to receive any kind of critique, I'm not going to get upset.


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    Since first posting online I've improved but I still have a long way to go.
    I want/need to concentrate on anatomy (that damn arm) and I'm also hoping to dip my toes into environments.
    I'm currently studying history and sociology in college so I don't have as much time for art as I would like.

    So here we go!

    Name:  Mine_square_wynniemaru.jpg
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    ahh, you have a SB,

    show it in signature so anybody miss it

    your progress over the years is great,

    waiting for more!

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    A bunch of studies from photo reference.
    Trying to work on the ol' lighting
    Keeping it small (and forbidding zoom) so I can't get caught up with details.

    Name:  nude study_Wynniemaru.jpg
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    Hello there! It's nice to see a fresh face on the forums, especially one as talented as you! (this is my second account, I lost my first in the change--i used to be Randomeister )
    The only real critique I have is I'd like to see more diversity! It seems all I see here are pretty, skinny women, and it'd be good for you to practice old people and ugly people and fat people! I'm excited to see more!

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    Nice brush work, keep working hard, and try to get the head count right, ie, 6-7 heads for a woman, those kind of things will keep the form correct.

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    Thank you both!
    You're totally right, I need to diversify. The project I'm working on is full of elves (about as ectomorphic as they come) so I've gotten used to this ridiculous figure... Too much fashion TV as well I think.

    I'll fix that! I need to practice males as well.

    And now I'm embarrassed to post my latest photo study - probably the skinniest woman I've ever referenced... >.<

    Name:  blue shadows.jpg
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    Hey Wynniemaru,

    You have definitely improved over the past 3 years ( especially your rendering skills)!

    As of right now I would recommend to work on your anatomy because your pieces have proportion issues. For example, the woman in #6 seems to have disproportionally small hands compared to the size of her head ( overlay your reference in photoshop to see the difference). The first female model in #3 is missing anatomical landmarks on her arms / hips (right now they look like tubes). The elf in #1 has a strange wrist/hand structure and again a dispropotionally small hand (altough just slightly).

    Drawing from life and lookign up books on anatomy is the best way to study figures. As far as books are concerned I recommend Richer's and Goldfinger's stuff. Studying lighting would also help.

    Other then that, good work, I really like your (self?)-portrait in the first post.


    A creative artist works on his next composition because he is not satisfied with his previous one. When he loses a critical attitude toward his own work, he ceases to be an artist. - Dmitri Shostakovich

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