Going around in 'circles' here.
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    Going around in 'circles' here.

    Sorry for the pun but I couldn't help it.
    Nyhooo I won't blabber anymore(I've habit of doing that) and get straight to the point. I am following Scott Robertson's basic perspective tutorial to get started and posted a couple of things in my sketchbook. Now nearly half way through (I am taking things slow, understanding one thing at a time, again refer to a post of mine in my sketchbook) I come across the topic of ellipses and circles and the problem they present to n00bs in general. My problem is more or less generic but I still wanted to ask around if someone could give me some pointers.
    How do you control the degree and size of an ellipse without going over it again and again?
    I would really really detest using an ellipse template since I want to draw free hand and not depend too much on rulers, ellipse/circle templates in general.
    So.... are there any pointers available to be thrown in my direction except "draw pages and pages of ellipses", since I am already doing that(drawing two lines meeting at the VP and drawing ellipses in between those lines, doing the same but with parallel lines and just filling the page with random circles.).

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