Art: Art Portfolio by a self-taught artist.
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Thread: Art Portfolio by a self-taught artist.

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    Art Portfolio by a self-taught artist.

    Hi everyone. During my university years I studied Film and Animation at a local university in Malaysia. Since the subjects I studied there was too broad, I decided to narrow down my own path and become a concept artist. They did teach me the basics of drawing, color and composition there, but they focus too heavily towards film production and post-production.

    Anyway, I'm now a recent graduate now working for a local animation studio. While I'm grateful that I got a job based on my current skills, I'm hoping to improve my skill further and to reach the levels of experienced and talented concept artists someday. I see myself doing a lot of concepts for animated series or movies, or for a children's storybook in the future because of my tendency and preference to draw stylized or cartoony pictures.

    Here are some of my examples, so I'm hoping to get a good feedback soon. More examples are on my website and all of my contacts are available here:



    What a way to introduce myself here. My previous thread was broken after I edited it. I couldn't open it or delete it, so I have to make a new one. Please just delete the last thread I made.

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