Hey, I saw reference to a similar sort of issue in another post. Namely the issue was described as a "shoelace" effect where essentially what seems to happen is that there are gaps in the pressure sensitivity recognition. Mine most commonly seems to have issues with the lower end of the spectrum (under 40 or 50% pressure). sometimes this results in a broken line, but more often just a very thin line that transitions nearly immediately into a fatter line instead of transitioning smoothly. This problem is recent, and it didn't seem to be related to a time of installing any new driver or version of photoshop (this is the only program I use my intuos for currently). I have looked into it a bit and from the sound of it, it is possible that it could be an issue with the pen nib being too worn down (it doesn't seem terribly worn down to me but I have never replaced it) or maybe an issue with the mini usb port on the tablet (I switched out the cable and thried other usb ports on my computer--- there is currently only 1 working mini usb port on the tablet so I can't really test that). Here are some examples of the problem. Name:  Untitled-1.jpg
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