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    Warm ups for drawing?

    Hi guys, just curious do you guys do some warm ups for drawing? if so, what? i ve heard of people drawing shapes and various lines but i dont know how that would help. Thanks.

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    sort of an animation warmup, I just draw circles(spheres actually) & scribble.
    I draw the spheres all different sizes, from full page size down to really tiny....and I try to do lots of overlapping when I'm warming up too....kind of a prep for thinking in terms of foreground midground and background...that kind of stuff.
    And drawing the spheres with different traits....male spheres, female spheres, lazy spheres, hyper spheres, old spheres, young spheres, etc.
    Nobody but me can tell which is which when I'm done.....but it just helps for putting particular energies into particular lines.

    The whole warmup is fast and furious....about 60 spheres on a page in around a minute or so....using several different coloured pencils(usually ColErase animation pencils).....after that, if you're not warmed up and ready to rock, you didn't do it right, heheh.

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    Just doing some quick thumbnail(big thank to Feng's video ), or some self portrait Warm up time depend on my mood...

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    I taught an art class at a summer camp for the past two years. I had all the kids do little finger stretches before we started, but it was mostly just bullsh*t time wasting. For the amount they were paying me, it was more than they deserved!

    In answer to your question, I always seem to do better figure drawing when I get some 30 second gesture poses in there first. When I'm going from photography or imagination, I don't tend to bother.
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    Somtimes I do I think it´s call blind drawings, when you only look at the object you´re drawing and not the paper.

    I like it since I don´t put any stupid pressure onto my self that it should look good, and it´s a good indicator if I´m concentrated or not. If I´m not and do a sp I can draw 3 eyes and forget the neck but if focused all is there, no more no less.

    I sometime do these drawings if I get stuck in a drawing (like starts to redraw a detail over and over again), just to loosen up and get back into what it´s all about.

    One fun thing is that when I do these blind drawings when I have been drawing for some time they almost always turns out better than when I´m use them as a warm up.
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    warmup for drawing?
    i guess my warmup would be the hundred of doodles i do all day on napkins, reciepts, table tops, backs of envelopes, bills, table tops, bathroom stall doors, table tops, and whatever i feel like doodling on throught the day (all in pencil of course. i wouldnt want to get kicked out of carls jr. during the middle of a 6dollar burger and a sketch of a gremlin eating an elephant. cause that's how i feel eating a 6dollar burger at carls jr.). sometimes i doodle so much that i dont even feel the need to pick up my sketch book and draw. but at the end of the day, its kinda like taking a photo and throwing it away. its gone. and i cant post it.
    i remember i created a character called:"chillala chan chito, chiwawa superstar" and had this scene drawn all over a mac donalds table where chillala was sticking his tongue out with his cheeks sucked in wearing bycicle shorts riding a tricycle.....
    damn. what is wrong with me. i'm sorry. i'll stop talking now.

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    I find drawing cuties a good way to get the pencil ready.
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    Last semester I took a drawing class where we did ten minutes of Tai-Chi before we actually got started. We did some shoulder and lower back exercises. Really the idea was to just get as loose as possible so big strokes would be smoother, more comfortable and less forced.

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