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    A... Ringwraith?

    Well, this started out as a sketch for one of CGTalk's sketch threads called "Something Wicked This Way Comes". Probably due to the Harry Potter refrence, and because dark figures are very cliché subjects to represent evil, this was what I thought of. Came out looking like a ringwraith I guess. It also became an all day thing instead of a sketch.

    I tried to use some of the notes I took at the Austin workshop from Ron Lemen's lecture on composition. Using a grid to place points of interest, as well as keeping the rendering to only those points of interest. How am I doing? Anything that could make this better?

    A... Ringwraith?

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    one of my complaints with it, which is not entirely up to you, is that, due to the light background of the website, the contrast makes it hard to see the details. I wish they would've chosen a darker background, but oh well. So, just for presentation's sake, you might try lightening the picture a bit. Also, make sure the moon isn't pure white, because in reality it is not. I'm assuming you wanted the moon to the first read, and then the wraith? You might try adding some sharper highlights to the horse's armor, because all the materials are looking too simillar. You've varied them in terms of surface texture, but remember that all materials are going to react to the light differently.

    Also, on a more minor note, the dog on the rock castst a shadow, but the wraith and the other dog do not... just a small thing. Over all, this is looking good, and I think the composition is working pretty well. A couple things to be aware of compostionally though, is be careful of dividing it in half. The wraith and the dog next to him are on the right half, and the rest of the painting is on the left. Also, it looks like the horizon line would be about halfway up. Just stuff to keep in mind. Keep at it though, it's looking good. I love the mood of it. It's creepy, menacing and dark. I can dig it. Peace


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    Very nice pic. But, what Harry Potter reference? :confused:

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    The whatshisnames in the prisoner of azkaban...dementors I think. They look like that but without the horse. Also the wolves are in harry potter.

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