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    Bammes and Anatomy Studies (Moved from Tutorials)

    Hey guys,

    Im pretty new here , and I recently bought the english version of Bammes. My question is regarding the proper way to do an anatomy study from the book? Do I just copy the directions in the book as he outlines them from start to finish? The instructions in the actual book are difficult to follow and not very concise.

    This also applies to any anatomy studies; what is the proper way to do them to get the most benefit from the learning process?

    Thank you for your time and any suggestions are very welcome! Also please let me know if I have missed any obvious links or tutorials!
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    Use them in conjunction with drawing from life. Any study method needs real world correlation to make it stick. If you don't have access to figure sessions get a cheap wardrobe mirror and use yourself while you are going through the plates in the book.
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    You don't do these studies from the book. Bammes only shows various approaches to studying from life. So you should study from life, applying the methods described in the book.

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    Also if I recall correctly, Bammes lists tasks for you to do in life-drawing in every part of the book, I suggest you start with those.
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    I have just started using Bammes and find it best to read the relevant chapter and look at the illustrations to make sense of what he is saying. Then maybe copy a few of his examples to cement these concepts further and learn the key shapes and forms that he uses to build a particular body part. Then try and replicate this in studies from life or photo. The way I do it is to look for that 3d shape Bammes has used for a particular area and super impose it in my mind on a model or a photo. This helps me to understand what I am seeing and what is happening under the skin. It is especially helpful when working from photos as you can still think about the image in 3 dimensional space. But working from a life model will help you get the most out of anatomy books at least thats my experience. As you can combine theoretical principals with real world observations.

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