Hello everyoneI have tried previously to post but something happened so I decided to post it again if you don't mind
My name is Jordan Dimitrov and I'm a Concept Artist specializing in art for the games/film and entertainment industry with a unique combination of architecture and illustration, creator of innovative and believable designs for environments, vehicles and characters, experienced in Sci-fi and real-life projects, as well as fantasy illustration. Flexible to work with textures and 3d tools. Aware of the importance of teamwork to accomplish tasks and the responsibility of working with teammates and leaders.
Concept Art, props, vehicles and characters, storyboarding pencil, ink, markers sketching and illustration of environments, matte painting textures, game huds, cinematic, traditional drawing. Proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ZBrush

Available for contract or permanent full time/part time positions

For Contacts:


Here is my newest workEnjoy!

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