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Thread: !New Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana!

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    !New Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana!

    Finally we get to see how well a PS2 can churn out 2d!!!!

    DVD technology lets them cramm in a TON of 2d stuffs, I have high expectations for it visually.

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    I really hope they don't ruin this game. Secret Of Mana 1 was one of the best games on Snes, had great game play, fun and unique fighting system, cool characters, just a good/unique feel in general. Sadly I haven't seen any RPG games that ever came close to doing things the way that game did. Been waiting for a SOM game, or any RPG for that matter that does what was done in the first SOM, but with extreme graphics, story, just more hardcore for today's standards.

    They came out with Legend of Mana for PS1, and ruined it. They made all the characters look incredibly androgynous, you couldn't really tell who was a male or female. The whole game seemed really girly. Their was no real story to speak of. The only thing good was the soundtrack, which is one of the best VG sound tracks I ever heard.

    They probably won't do very well with this new one since the team that made the first SOM isn't working on the new ones. Seems that unless something miraculous happens, new production teams usually don't pay sequels any justice. Hopefully, this time they get it right.

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    Legend of Mana was a really strange game... if you read all the world history hidden in the game, it was actually pretty dark and convaluted. But all the characters were cutesy and silly. Hopefully this new one will combine the best of all the games so far.
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    lets just hope it turns out good, i agree Secret of Mana was a GREAT Snes game, i still play it
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