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Thread: StressCavity's Stuff /// I Want to Improve: Advice Appreciated!

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    Dirgeance - Thanks man, glad you think I'm improving [Wish I could see it :C] I'll definitely try to keep edges more in mind. I've been trying to wrap my head around it and seeing Anthony Jones do it so friggin well is inspirational and frustrating.

    So, I've been missing for a while and I have....nothing to show for it. I've decided to try my hand at some value work and lighting after watching some Anthony Jones livestreams. That man is so fast and so good, I couldn't stop watching him work. Anyways, hope this isn't too poopy, kinda sucks to start a new page like this too lol. I will make up for it soon! Lots of studies after mid terms, I promise!!!!!!

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    I swear one day I'll be good. I swear one day I will be proud of my work. When that day comes, I'll need to kick my ass and try harder.

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