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    Should I use photoshop or Sketchbook pro for coloring?

    What I plan to do is upload a sketch onto the software and then color using the program. I have heard good things about photoshop but I have no idea which version to get (I have a mac). I have also heard good things about sketchbook pro and it is less expensive. I also want to use this for adding in speech bubbles and editing with the comics that I draw. Which program and which version should I go with? (I also have a tablet)

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    Download the trial versions for both and try them out. If you like either of them you can find older versions of either for cheap.

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    If your goal is to color a sketch, Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai would be your best bets. Both are stronger with layer options and managment. Photoshop specicially has spoiled me rotten with some of its convienences. Like when I color Comic Book Lineart, what I do is I make each flat color on a seperate layer, and one thing you can do in "Select All Pixals" on a layer. So you can color/paint a flat color without worrying about staying in the lines.

    But photoshop is expensive. Thank god for educational discounts.

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    Photoshop - any of the last few versions. It offers you more options, although you are comparing a £50 program with a £600 one. It's almost worth getting them both as SBPro is better for drawing and they work well together. Here's a high qulity demonstration of SBPro's usefulness.!
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