Art: Markus Erdt - job portfolio on concept art
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Thread: Markus Erdt - job portfolio on concept art

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    Markus Erdt - job portfolio on concept art

    Hello everyone.

    I never visited a school for game design but I still want to send my portfolio to game and movie companies in hope to get a start there.
    (Open for any advice in that regard)
    So far I was more of an illustrator, doing stuff for Blizzard and some RPGs/ fantasy.

    Right now I am trying to filter my portfolio selection. I know that there are too many, but I am not so sure about what to kick out or what to add if needed.
    Please feel free to check my homepage or my blog for other pieces and sketches. There are quite a lot.

    My personal favorites are creature and character designs.
    Vehicles is possible but possibly not my best
    And environemental? Well I am getting better slowly on that part ^^

    My 2 best pieces: Newborn contest

    Rift game design contest:

    Something sketchy maybe?

    Vehicles I did for a C&C Zero hour game mod

    Some designs for the weekly activities

    And a step by step design for a toadmonster (storybook)

    what should I add or remove? More creatures, humans maybe ?

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    Your vehicles is without any doubt the weakest part of your portfolio, i think you should remove those if you're not really interested in doing vehicles in the next future. You're very good with creatures, totally the strongest part of your art. What to remove or add should be related to what kind of job you are looking for. If you feel more comfortable with characters you should do characters but obviously there's no room for you in movies doing that because in that field environments are the big part. So think about where you want to be and adjust your portfolio with that goal in mind

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