Hey guys!

I actually wanted to clarify a few things and was hoping that this was the right place to post!

1) Whats the difference between Concept Art & Illustration? I've met people telling me everything from some saying that Concept Art comes under the "field of Illustration" while others have told me that they are two separate things that require different approaches if you want to specialise in either.

2)I'm applying for the Illustration BFA Program at Academy of Art University (AAU) for the Spring 2013 intake in hopes of getting a well rounded traditional and digital art education (well mostly traditional as I've been told that its only a matter of transferring those skills to a painting software) and I hope to work in the Movie or Video Game industry in stuff like concept art, character designs, story boarding, background painting (as you can see I'm keeping a wide range of options here as I'm still not sure of what I want to do hehe). I'm getting exempted from all the Liberal Art requirements since I'm applying for their Second Degree Program. Is an Illustration degree appropriate for the industry I'm aiming for?

3)And something a bit off topic, but what exactly is a Preproduction artist and what does he do?

Any insight into this stuff that you guys could give me would be awesome