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Thread: Jason Felix-2012-Various Game and Film Projects- DUMP

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    Hey All

    ---UPDATED!!! 12-03-2012---
    Currently, I'm working on a new book project that just launched titled "Closet Monsters". Trying my hands at using Kickstarter as it has proven to be a successful way to launch personal projects of all types.

    Attached is some of the artwork that I've created. It's been fun and hope you enjoy viewing. Here is a brief description of the book project:

    Closet Monsters is an illustrated storybook about a recent college graduate named Rufus whom ventures into the world and accidentally discovers there are plenty of mysterious monsters that surrounds us on a daily bases. And here you thought that all bus drivers and postal workers were just grumpy. Nope. Monsters in disguise. In fact! Since there are so many monsters, Rufus decides to document them all in a 'tell all' cautionary tales field guide. A practical guide for all curious children and even brave parents whom dare to seek them.

    For those whom might be interested, here is some info about the actual Kickstarter campaign:

    Hope to gain your interest and support.
    Thanks for taking a look,
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

    Been a Loooooooonnnnngggg time since I have last posted here on the forums. Its not because the lack of interest, rather simply not having much to show until projects start to launch.

    Seem that has transformed over the years. It's a whole new scene and so I'll just re-introduce myself. Hi, Jason Felix. Writer, Illustrator, Concept Artist, and IP creator for the Entertainment Industry. Been working professional for 15+ years... yikes. Time flies by WAY too fast!!! If you want to see some of my previous work, visit:

    This thread will be updated periodically with various projects, games stuff, film, and even personal projects. I'll kick start this thread off by posting some new'ish environment work that I've done between gigs. ANNnnddd this thread will continue grow from here ON out.

    Finally! For those whom are interested, I'm also teaching with TAD.

    All right! On with the show,

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    Official website-
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