Hello! I'm a newbie.

I have posted an help request to complete our project for emerging artists...please help us and spread the word. Thank you to everybody.


Les Sept Arts, Inc. is an organization to support emerging artists worldwide.

We are converting two former warehouses in Paris (Sacre Coeur) and New York City (Hell's Kitchen) into spaces for emerging artists.

Every former warehouses will have:

- 15 rooms/studios for artists during their exhibitions (45 days)

- 1 kitchen

- 1 gallery where we assist artists with the presentation of their works

Every year we will host for free 120 emerging artist giving them the opportunity to have their personal exhibition.

Artists will never pay to exhibit because advertising contracts will cover our costs and we will charge only a 7% fee on sold works.

We love all kind of arts and we are converting these spaces because many artists can't afford to pay for both living, work and exhibition space.

We need your help to complete the spaces because we have spent all our funds to buy the warehouses and to start the refurbishing.

From your donations, a community of artists will thrive.

We are also open to other types of donations.

Thanks for your support! We can't do it without you.