I wanted to join in the book questioning fun that's been going on for the past couple of days, and I need to ask,

What is the best kind of light to read by?

Okay, now I know people are getting tired of the recent influx of how to read books threads, but this isn't quite the same. I'm actually curious to know what are the best lights for many situations.
I figure that since our eyes are our bread and butter in the visual arts, you would want to protect them by all means necessary, so how best can one do that?

What are the best lights to read by?

If you have the ability, should you light your pallet (if painting) with a different source than your model?

What are the best lights to have when looking at computer screen? should the room be dim, and you use the back lighting from the monitor, or is it better to have an illuminated room and keep the back lighting to a minimum?

when a page is unused and still stark white, can the reflected light off of it's surface be damaging to the eyes?

Is it better to be in too dim a situation, or too bright (both will make you squint, but is it bad for your eyes)?

Personally, I prefer dim lighting, as it makes me feel like i'm reading by candle light; yet I've noticed that the energy efficient bulbs seem to be hard white light, and my lamps seem to hurt my eyes more that the old bulbs seemed to. Maybe it's just the lamp itself.

what are your lighting preferences?
Is there a best way to shield your eyes, or should I just get into the habit of wearing sunglasses at night?
(reference to an 80s song)