When is the right time to move on?
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    When is the right time to move on?

    Hello fellow aspiring people!

    I've been a lurker for some time and - very sporadically - have tried to improve during this outstretched time. Just now, I've decided to give my attempts a more lush and continuous approach. A bit more devoted one. Because I've always drawn something, the process of me understanding rendition on a surface of choice somehow came to be lopsided and not entirely logical. I knew shifts of light and color before perspective. I felt form before I knew how the form was supposed to move in a spatial plane.
    After reading so much about all your progress and seeing the actual flow of improvement with my own eyes I started to feel that something's out of order.
    I stared with perspectives.
    Even art needs logic and structure; it's inevitable to become better and understand oneself. I sense I have no logic in my drawings, so I started with perspectives, even though I more or less orient myself in this highly linear world.

    Now I'm very confused. I've drawn loads and loads of simple boxes and rectangles and circles and a bit more organic shapes, but I can't stop. I simply never know when to move on. How do I know it's "done"? I don't know this because a logical and systematic approach to learning isn't a natural trait of mine. For the sake of improving my drawings, I've taken to this thinking and the plan of sticking with the correct order of things.

    I'm not asking for a tutorial on perspectives; I've found great sites and books on this subject (among them Loomis, which is a simplified heavenly sweet fluffy relief from the too-logical, cluttered grids where my brain digests next to nothing sensible).
    What I'm asking for is small stories and recollections of how you knew you practiced perspectives right, when you felt it was time to move on to anatomy, and your general feelings and approach on this very complicated subject.

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