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Thread: US loans for Vancouver Film School

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    US loans for Vancouver Film School

    Hello all I've posted here a few times with questions about illustration/animation schooling after having finished undergrad in graphic design. needless to say, i'm still trying to figure out what exactly to do and sooner or later i'm going to have to make a choice.

    Anyhoo, assuming i could get in, I'm hoping to maybe attend VFS next year. I only recently decided getting a masters degree isn't so important that I should overlook learning what i want to learn and to stop worrying about whether they offer a masters degree. (i'd be happy to hear any opinions y'all may have about the importance of an MFA/MA if pursuing illustration/animation/graphic design careers).

    To those of you who are US citizens or International students and took out loans to attend VFS, what sort of loan did you take out? It seems to me that Sallie Mae and the ISLP are the only options, but I'm hoping there is something else out there. The idea of borrowing 45K with a variable interest rate and no cap is a bit frightening to me O_O I'm fairly new to this whole concept of loans and debt, but from what i gather, taking out a loan which has no cap isn't so smart if you're borrowing as much as I'd need to borrow. And alas, VFS isn't eligible for the Stafford loan.

    Last, I'm basically just looking for a school which focuses as much on improving your traditional skills as well as technical skills, but isn't a four year undergraduate program. If y'all know of any programs for illustration and/or 2d and 3d animation that also maintain a focus on building your drawing/painting skills, I'd really love to know. The problem with masters programs is they seem to assume you don't need much more learning in drawing/painting (rightfully so, i guess since you probably when to undergrad for the same thing)... but since i'm trying to make a career switch from graphic design to either illustration or animation, i'd really like to have as much traditional training as i can get while learning the new trade.

    Geeeh, enough of my rambling. I hope it was somewhat coherent. ^_^ Thanks in advance for any replies!
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    What's wrong with getting another BFA in Illustration? Your previous coursework will likely fulfill a lot of the lower level classes, assuming your original degree was accredited. That VFS program better be some kick ass program for the amount of money you will be investing in it. Better than anything that you could get in the US. People attend foriegn schools because they like the locale, can't get into a local school, or it is the best program on the face of the planet. If it doesn't fall into one of those 3, you are better off looking at programs offered in the US.
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    Nothing wrong with it, I guess. I'm just not so keen on doing the whole undergraduate experience again. But then again, it doesn't necessarily have to be the same. bah humbug, so many options, so many paths to take hehe, anyways, thanks for replying ^_^
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