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    Understanding Andrew Loomis's perspective figure drawing methods

    I'm working my way through Andrew Loomis's "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth" and found myself stuck on page 30. There he shows how to draw a figure in perspective using a divided box for guidance. It seems that the online community was as confused as me so I broke the methods down into step-by-step instructions in two parts. See my blog posts if you're interested!

    Tell me if these help you or if they can be improved in any way. Thanks!

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    Perspective is never easy was one of the most worst hurdles for me , still is to some degree ! , and it wasn't till I went to school and learnt what it was I was clearly not understanding ... Essipialy with drawing the live model In front of me ..... But luckily one of my teachers is a loomis man !!!

    I looked at your breakdown it looks good to me ...well done !

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    Thankyou for those blog posts, I had absolutely no idea what was going on on those pages; it's reassuring to know there's a construction of sorts to follow and practice
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