Should I apply to art school (portfolio inside)??
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Thread: Should I apply to art school (portfolio inside)??

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    Should I apply to art school (portfolio inside)??

    Hi everyone, I'm working in a non-art-related field, have not taken any college level art classes, and I'm wondering if I should apply to an art school. I'm very interested in realistic-looking concept art, creating all aspects of imaginary worlds including characters, vehicles, and environments, including matte painting. Some questions I had:

    -- I don't know any artists in real life, so I'm always wondering about job placement in the real world. Say for example, you are a student at Art Center, if you practice 70 hours a week continuously for 3-4 years while in school, what are the chances for full-time employment upon graduation? Or enough free lance so it's the same as full-time?

    -- How is the job market overall right now for concept artists, especially in the California/LA/SF areas? If you are good enough skill-wise, can you usually find what you want, or is the market already flooded by good people, so 1 opening is usually fought over by many applications who are all equally good enough?

    -- I'm looking at Art Center right now, any suggestions for other schools?

    -- Below are some of my work samples (first 4 are imaginary, and sorry for any bad photography). Do you think I'm ready to apply? How does my current skill level compare with the typical applicant?

    Thank you very much.

    Name:  imaginary_1.jpg
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Size:  138.2 KB Name:  imaginary_2.jpg
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Size:  105.0 KB Name:  imaginary_3.jpg
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Size:  75.3 KB Name:  imaginary_4.jpg
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Size:  126.8 KB Name:  study_1.JPG
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Size:  56.9 KBName:  study_2.JPG
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Size:  64.0 KB Name:  study_3.jpg
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Size:  102.2 KB Name:  study_4.jpg
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Size:  122.9 KB Name:  study_5.jpg
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Size:  131.7 KB Name:  study_6.jpg
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Size:  122.2 KBName:  study_7.jpg
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Size:  113.9 KB Name:  study_8.jpg
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Size:  88.0 KB Name:  study_9.JPG
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Size:  52.4 KB Name:  study_11.JPG
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    My two cents:
    I'm guessing you want to go in the entertainment design program. Good start in control of mediums. Looks like they ask for examples where you show your design process from early sketches to final rendered design. Idk how many design projects one would normally submit.

    Here is an accepted portfolio

    Overall your pieces looks more of an illustration/fine art portfolio.

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