Intuos 4 - Issues with the touch ring toggle button registering button presses
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    Intuos 4 - Issues with the touch ring toggle button registering button presses

    The main problem I've been having with the Intuos 4 tablet is that the toggle button is not entirely responsive, 5-10% of the time it will basically drop one of my button presses. This is a rather annoying problem because I am constantly double tapping the toggle button to switch from nib size and zoom (which is pretty much all I ever use the touch ring for). It's primarily those "double-clicks" that I do which occasionally get skipped -seemingly at random, sometimes it handles it with no problem, but eventually, inevitably, a button press will fail to register and it will show on both the tablet LED indicators and on the on-screen HUD as though I had pressed nothing. I will say this, button presses that occur in rapid succession or slightly off center are much much more likely to fail than those that are pressed slowly or at the center, but keep in mind, I am not doing anything faster than a simple double-click that you'd do on a mouse, I am simply doing what feels natural.

    I have yet to find a single owner with this problem, yet I have tried this on two tablets (one was a replacement via WACOM) now and at this point it seems to me that they just might all do the same thing.

    Can any Intuos 4 users out there verify if they have ever had this issue? I have talked to several already and none of them seem to know what I'm talking about so I kind of feel at a loss here. Any suggestions or first-hand experience regarding the matter would be appreciated.

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